Thursday 8 January 2015

Planning for the Long Haul
This horse barn project will take years to complete but the builder has already prepped it for future additions

Posted at 3:50 PM

Planning for the Long Haul

The virtue of patience is helpful in every building project, but sometimes it is especially needed. That can be the case when dealing with a nonprofit organization that has lofty goals but limited resources. Building in stages as funds become available is not uncommon, and builders can help the process along in how they handle those stages.

Such is the case of the Stable Hands Equine Therapy Center near Wausau, Wis. Jeff Meyer, Meyer Buildings, Dorchester, Wis., has been helping to build the organization's dream home since before 2008. The first phase of a three-phase project was just completed this summer. Unless the organization's founder Diane Abitz wins the lottery she admits it will likely take years before Phases II and III are completed.