Friday 9 January 2015

Man Caves and Toy Shops
Customers now asking for more than a simple garage or shed

Posted by at 8:12 AM

Remember when a garage was nothing more than a big box with walls, ceiling and a floor? And a shed was a littler version of the same? Customers wanting one didn't ask for much more than a space to store vehicles or an odd assortment of tools.

But somewhere along the line, circa the early 2000s, the common garage and shed began to evolve. Secondary buildings took on an entirely new look and purpose. They became places to store and display collections, or as private getaways for family and friends.

The market for these souped up sheds and garages, variously called hobby shops, toy shops or man caves, quieted a bit when the Great Recession reared its ugly head around 2008, but the builders we talked to said it never really went away, and the market is once again growing slowly forward.