Monday 23 May 2016

Benefits of Dense Pack Insulation
How does insulation benefit me?

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There are so many options out there for insulating your building.  It is hard to determine what is the best product for your situation, especially if you do not know much about your options.  Insulating your building is a very important aspect of your project.  Once you do it, it is very hard and costly to change it.  Choosing the correct insulation for your project will benefit not only the comfort you experience inside your building, but it will save you money daily by keeping all that conditioned air inside your building.  At Meyer Buildings, we are proponents of Insulsafe dense pack fiberglass insulation.  It is lightweight, installation is simple with the right equipment, nearly eliminates air infiltration, it will not settle like heavy cellulose products, and fills voids, such as hard to reach corners, and ribs of corrugated steel.  Standard batt insulation is very inefficient, creates many voids for air to leach in and out of your building, but is a cheaper option.  Spray foam is a very expensive product, but eliminates air infiltration altogether and does not require a vapor barrier.  For these reasons, we feel that the dense pack product gives you nearly the same quality of product as spray foam without the higher cost.  As an added benefit, if you are using forced heat in your building, typically the size of the furnace can be reduced due to the benefits of dense pack, giving you an immediate pay back on this upgrade from batt insulation.  Tell your sales representative that you want to see this product in your next Meyer Building!